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Whether you pack or we pack, our professional services are designed to support your unique needs. We offer start-to-finish packing services for those who don't want to fuss with it, or can send a packer to only assist with fragile items, it's your call. Our services are available before or the day of your move.

At Gulliver's Movers we believe packing is not only a craft but an art. Some "Pop Artists" might agree. Each piece has its own requirements; in shape, size, weight and fraigility. Our representative will be pleased to address these unique packing and handling issues. A quick complimentary appointment will provide you with the professional advice and custom solutions you need.


Basic points to keep in mind before packing.

Point 1: Set aside items you will need up until the last moment, such as cleaning supplies, children's toys, bedding and pet food.

Point 2: Plan how you will transport items that can't easily be packed or moved. These include plants & pets.

Point 3: Figure out what supplies you'll need, such as boxes, tape, marking pens and cushioning material like bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Point 4: Begin by repacking items such as computers and TVs in their original boxes using original materials, if possible.

Point 5: Label boxes on more than one side, with both the box's contents and the room in which it originates from.

Point 6: Pack fragile items carefully. Use plenty of packing peanuts, bubble wrap and crumpled paper around each item. Use cardboard to separate levels and don't pack boxes too tight or make them too heavy.

Point 7: Pack books, papers, albums and CDS in small boxes; they're heavier than you think! Fill them to the top so they can be stacked when moved.

Point 8: Roll up carpets and small floor rugs, and tie them securely. Large oriental rugs without pads can be folded.

Point 9: Pack bedding last. Use large boxes and pack tightly. Try using as much of the bedding as you can for padding fragile items.

Point 10: Check the basement, the garage, the attic and outdoors for items you might have overlooked. Use small boxes for heavy items and medium boxes for the rest.


Gulliver's sells and delivers boxes and materials to clients in the metro area. Orders are normally filled within 48 hrs. with a $25 delivery fee. Call (513) 351-0420 to order.

Small Carton - $3.00 

Medium Carton - $4.00 

Large Carton - $5.00 

Dish Pack - $15.00 

Wardrobe Box - $15.00 

Mirror/Picture Carton - $12.00 

Tape - $5.00 

Packing Paper Roll - $45.00

Bumpers - Box $45.00

Sofa Wrap - $15.00

Bubble - $1.50/ft

Matress Bags - $14.00